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Max Speaking On BBC Breakfast!

Max Starred on BBC Breakfast to promote the National Autism Awareness Too Much Information Campaign and also to share his story on how Autism has affected him. He was interviewed by Nikki Fox who also appears on BBC Watch Dog! Nikki drove Max to work and also interviewed Max with his Aunt Bobbie at his house. Max spoke about the impact that Autism has and how it has affected him going for job interviews. This segment aired on BBC Breakfast on the morning version and also the afternoon version as well. The Episode Aired on BBC Breakfast on the 27th of October 2016, 3 days before the Launch of the National Autistic Society campaign Video. The Video, Could You Stand The Rejection that Max was the main character in was shown in Cinemas all across the country, was covered by BBC, the Guardian and was reviewed by review websites, the most famous one being Chris Packham.

Nikki Fox from BBC Breakfast

Nikki Fox

Max stays in touch with Nikki and enjoyed the experience.

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