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Max Wins Apprentice of the Year 2016 and Graduates!

Max in 2015 was nominated for Apprentice of the Year, sadly Max did not win which you can read about in a previous article.

Max in 2016 had to pass his Maths and English Level 2 to pass his Apprenticeship and achieve his NVQ in IT, while English Max passed first time it too Max 7 attempts to pass his Maths to gain his apprenticeship working a full time job in IT, appearing on TV, fundraising for Charity and co leading a community project for Sovereign to revamp and reconstruct an old community site.

After all this Max was nominated for the second time for Apprentice of the Year and Max has now won it! Max graduated and won the award at the rising starts WBTC Awards and Graduation ceremony. Max had some great competitors and didn't think he would win because of last years result, however his determination, willingness and hard work has all paid off!

Max announced on his YouTube channel MaxiBlog on the 24th of April 2016 that he had won the award and released the video of him going up to receive his award.

Max has now secured a full time role at Sovereign due to Graduating.

Well Done to Max!

Some Photos of the Event!


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