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Annual General Meeting - National Autism Society - Max To Speak At The Event

Max attended the annual General Meeting on Saturday the 11th 2017. Max had his own workshop and spoke about his personal education and school life and how it affected him. He spoke about all the issues he had growing up and how schools helped him and didn't help him. Max spoke a lot about how his Mum was a constant help while growing up and how parenting someone with Autism is one of the hardest jobs out there.

Max had really good reviews and people was really pleased and impressed with Max's story here are some of the comments.

“Max spoke very well”

“Informative and inspirational”

“Max gave a brilliant personal account of his journey throughout education. My son will be going to secondary school in a couple of years and we'll need to make the decision of the best type of school to send him”

“Max gave a very useful talk and highlighted in 2 sections "what helped " and " what did not help. " at each stage in school and at home etc. I feel something like this from ASD children who can share their thoughts on the NAS website would be extremely helpful learning for professionals”

“Most informative”

The Speech was filmed by Max but has not been uploaded yet on his YouTube Channel MaxiBlog.

The National Autistic Society wrote a article about the event!

Link is down below!


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