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A Year in Review 2023!

Max posted on Social Media today his Year in Review! Max does this every year and didn't want to break tradition any time soon!

"Hi All

Another Year GONE!

Where does the time go?

A Yearly Tradition, I wanted to see what has happened for me in 2023!

25 Speeches This Year, Most in Person and Some Online.

x1 Diversita

x1 Quorn Hall School

x8 A2ndVoice

x1 TheAspieWorld

x3 Oxford Brookes University

x1 Edge Hill University

x1 Dimentions UK

x1 Diversifield Communications UK

x1 West Kirby School and College

x2 The Autism Show

x1 Moulsford Preparatory School

x1 Walton Leigh School

x1 Wemms Education Centre

x1 National Autistic Society

x1 Cayman Islands Government

Milestone of 100 Speeches Now at 125!

Up To Date with YouTube

Taking 6 Months off YouTube (Will Be Back Soon)

Max To Become Trustee of Koala Academy! (Pending)

Being at one of my Friends Gender Reveal Parties, Congratulations to you Both and Baby Elijah.

Creating The Fourth Series of The Autism Connections and having amazing guests on like Marc Crawley, Neil Barbour, Barney Angliss, Dr Jeremy Tudway, Aimee Laming and Vanessa Anderson.

Ambassador Work For The National Autism Society, Dimensions UK, Wrestling Travel and The Diana Award.

Many Autism Meetings With Parents, Organisations and Private Consultations Coming Out at a Total of 13


Going to WWE Royal Rumble 2023!

Sadly loosing my Grandad and Speaking at his Funeral in my saddest Speech I have done.

Being Man of Honour at My Best Friends Wedding in 2023, Organising the Hen Do and doing my Hardest Speech Ever at the Wedding!

Going on Holiday to Devon.

Getting a New Car.

Raising 800 Pounds for Parkinsons UK Charity (Event I will be Doing Soon).

Donating 45 IPads to A2ndVoice in Collaboration With Moulsford Prep School.

5 Years of MaxiAspie

15 Years on YouTube

530 Subscribers on MaxiAspie

2054 Followers On Instagram

3230 Followers on Twitter

4,939 Followers on Facebook

Many Acting Auditions

Being a Dragon on Dragons Den for a Day at Moulsford Prep School was Amazing!

Last One Spending Time With the People Who Matter The Most in My Life (You Know Who You Are)

Thanks All and Heres to 2024!"


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