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A Year in Review 2022!

Max posted on Social Media today his Year in Review! Max does this every year and didn't want to break tradition any time soon!

"Again Thank you to everyone who supports me"

You can see the post below.

"Hi All

Well 2022 has been eventful to say the least! I do this every year so I wanted to see what has happened for me in 2022!

12 Speeches This Year, Some Online and Some In Person x3 Dimentions UK x2 Moulsford Prep School X1 Oxford Brooke’s University X1 Diversified Communications x1 Edge Hill University x2 The Autism Show x1 The Sheiling Ringwood x1 The Ministry of Defence

I have also been booked for 6 Speeches in 2023!

Creating The Third Series of The Autism Connections and having amazing guests on like Orlando Bolt, Elly Chapple, Alexis Quinn, Billie Green, Laura Farris MP and Pete Fry.

Ambassador Work For The National Autism Society, Dimensions UK, Wrestling Travel and The Diana Award.

Many Autism Meetings With Parents, Organisations and Private Consultations Coming Out at a Total of 14 Meetings.

Going on Holiday to France

Getting Covid19 :P

Going to My First Ever Spa

Going on Holiday to Devon

Getting Fitter and Loosing 2 Stone

Becoming Best Man for My Best Friends Wedding in 2023

4 Years of MaxiAspie

14 Years on YouTube

475 Subscribers on MaxiAspie

2100 Followers On Instagram

3422 Followers on Twitter

5000 Followers on Facebook

Many Acting Auditions

Having Meetings With My MP

Raised £1000 for The Dogs Trust and The Alzheimer's Society by Abseiling off of Spinnaker Tower and was then Invited Down to The Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre to Make a Video for Them.

2 Acting Jobs one for Dimentions UK and The Other One was for The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) In Adverts for them.

Booking a Trip to See The WWE Royal Rumble In 2023!

Last One Spending Time With the People Who Matter The Most in My Life (You Know Who You Are)

Thanks All and Heres to 2023!"


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