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A Year in Review 2021!

Max posted on Social Media today his Year in Review! Max does this every year and didn't want to break tradition any time soon!

Max has said

"Thank you to everyone who supports me"

You can see the post below.

"Hi All

I do this every year and I don't want to break Tradition. I just wanted to thank everyone for a great last year. It really was amazing and I just wanted to list some of the highlights of last year that made it so special!

25 Speeches This Year Alone (Virtual and Many in Person Despite COVID19!)

x1 Ways Into Work x9 A2ndVoice x3 Oxford Brookes University x1 West Berkshire Training Consortium x2 Powered4 TV x1 Moulsford Prep School x2 BBC Radio Berkshire x1 Southwalk Inderpendent Voice x1 SenTalk x1 New Barn School x1 The Diana Award x1 National Autistic Society Enfield Branch x1 Tortoise Media

Creating The Second Series of The Autism Connections And being Able to Share The stories of 8 people about their understanding and experiencing of Autism therefore raising Awareness during Autism Awareness Week as Well!

Ambassador Work For The National Autism Society, Dimensions UK, Wrestling Travel and The Diana Award.

Many Autism Meetings With Parents and Organisations

Receiving The Diana Award (The Most Prestigious Award a Young Person can Achieve)

Becoming an Autistic Expert Panellist Member for Dimensions UK

Becoming an Ambassador for The Diana Award

Getting Quote Listed in Edinburgh Library

Writing My First Ever Blog for The Service Desk Institute

400 Subscribers on MaxiAspie

Rebranding of MaxiAspie

Being Invited to Althorp (Diana’s Home)

3 Years of MaxiAspie

13 Years on YouTube

1500 Followers On Instagram

Raised Additional £400 for the NHS and Autism Total Raising £845

Completed My 15 Mile Walk for Charity

Being in Newbury Weekly News

Receiving 2 Letters from My MP Congratulating Me On My Work

Receiving a Letter from Old Teacher

Reuniting with a Teacher after 16 Years

Going on Holiday to Devon

Having Some TIK TOK Fun

Being Mentioned in the Autism Page Blog

Watching One of my Best Friends Get Married To a Great Person

Having a Meeting with My MP Around Autism

Getting My Vaccine and Booster and Having to Self Isolate

Getting Full Time Job At a Job I Love!

Last One Spending time with the people who matter the Most in My Life (You Know Who You Are)

Thanks All and Heres to 2022!"


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