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Moulsford Preparatory School Thanks Max!

Max made a speech at his current employer Moulsford Preparatory School about Autism and Spoke to all the Parents and because of This Max has been thanked by Moulsford Preparatory School for his speech and released the following article

Autism and Me (Link to This Article)

On Wednesday night Max Green hosted an event over Zoom speaking about Autism and Me. Max works at Moulsford as an ICT Senior Administrator and has Autism, OCD, ADHD and Epilepsy and has spoken about Autism at many events including at the Houses of Parliament. Max is also an actor and has appeared on TV shows such as Holby City and Doctors playing autistic people.

In the session Max spoke about what autism is and explained that there may be some areas in an autistic person’s life where they may need more help than in other parts and it depends on the individual. He also spoke about the importance of getting a diagnosis and what support procedures schools, colleges and employers could put in place to help those with autism.

Max then went on to talk about his personal experiences growing up with these conditions and how important it was to have family members, teachers and people in his life that understood his condition. He ended with what he felt is the most important statement of all which was “You can read every book about autism and still not understand it. But as long as you are aware of what can happen if you have autism and apply that to the individual in front of you, that is the key. The key to understanding autism is understanding how it affects the individual.”


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