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Max Listed in Edinburgh Library

On March 31st Edinburgh Library got in touch with Max around Autism and asked him what assumptions around Autism would you correct? Max quickly got back to Edinburgh Library and tweeted back to them the following

"The Assumptions I would like to correct are that Autism is caused by bad parenting this isn't the case, I have met some of the best parents within the Autism Community who try so hard to make sure their child is supported and Autism can be cured is another one. To Many people look for the "cure" instead of looking for ways to support Autistic People its like they want a shortcut and feel like they shouldn't have to adapt of change and actually would prefer the autistic person to conform and change to fit in and Last one is Autism isn't a big deal and is all part of mental health and the quote on quote "every one is on the spectrum" for me we need to make sure we are addressing Autism correctly and not making those who need support feel like their Condition isn't important by Saying everyone has got it when that isn't true also need to start addressing Autism for what it is a condition, not a disorder, not a deficit, not a problem or part of mental health. we need to start educating more people around it so we can get rid of these assumptions"

As announced today by Edinburgh Library this is now listed in their library as a quote and they released the following article on their website.


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