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 Hello everyone, I am Max J Green I'm an Actor, Producer, YouTuber and Public Speaker. I am also an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society, Wrestling Travel and an Autism Expert Panelist Member for Dimensions UK. I work full time In IT and also won Apprentice of the Year 2016 and The Coronavirus Learning Disability Autism Leader of the Year 2020. 

I make videos to try and make peoples lives better and make people smile. I started acting in 2013 doing some small shows to big shows and since 2016 I also do public speaking and I have spoken at Autism Events, Festivals, Schools and Houses of Parliament raising awareness for Autism, OCD, ADHD, Epilepsy and SEN as I have all these conditions myself. 


In 2015 I appeared on BBC ​Holby City as the main character for that episode and then went onto film for BBC Doctors twice, both times as main characters for those episodes. I then starred in the National Autistic Society campaign video called Too Much Information - Could You Stand The Rejection, as I have Autism myself I hold this campaign close to my heart. After this I then became an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society and started to do public speaking across the world independently and working with other companies. 


I have been on Youtube since 2009 with different content and different channels. In 2019 I launched a new YouTube channel called MaxiAspie, I was inspired to do this to raise more awareness to Autism while making videos and putting smiles on peoples faces. 

I then became an Ambassador for Wrestling Travel in 2019, after going to WrestleMania 35 with the company and managing to get interviews with WWE wrestlers and getting the Wrestling Travel T-Shirt on TV which gained world wide coverage


I then produced my first film in 2019 called Karma with Paul Mckenzie.  

I continue to do a charity event every year and have currently raised Over £3000

I thank you all for your support it means the world to me, it's all of you that make this so special. 


Max J Green as Stephen Holting in a scene with Alex Walinshaw as Fletch in Holby City. Episode Title Return to Innocence S17 Ep 42 All time Episode Number 777

Max J Green as Henry Withers in the Tragedy on Enbourne Road.

Max playing Paul Allen in Doctors in Under my Roof Episode 205 S17 in a scene with Martin Allen played by Ian Bleasdale.

Max J Green and Jon Reid Interview at Oxford Brookes 2020

Max J Green Behind The Scenes of Could You Stand The Rejection

Max J Green Speaking at SenTalk

Max J Green with The Undertaker

Max J Green Speaking in Houses of Parliament

Max J Green at the For The Love of Wresting 2019

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