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Max J Green

Actor, Producer, YouTuber 
IT Senior Administrator, 

Charity Fundraiser 
Autistic Advocate & Public Speaker 

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Max J Green - Diana Award

Hello Everyone I'm Max J Green I was born in 1997, I'm an Actor, Producer, YouTuber, IT Senior Administrator, Charity Fundraiser, Autistic Advocate and Public Speaker.

I'm also an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society, Wrestling Travel, The Diana Awards and an Autism Expert Panellist Member for Dimensions UK. I work full time In IT and also have won Apprentice of the Year 2016, The Coronavirus Learning Disability Autism Leader of the Year 2020 and a Diana Award Recipient in 2021.

My Acting career started in 2013 doing some small shows to big shows, I got my first big break In 2015 when I appeared on BBC Holby City as the main character for that episode and then went onto film for BBC Doctors twice, both times as main characters for those episodes. I then starred in the National Autistic Society campaign video called Too Much Information - Could You Stand The Rejection, as I have Autism myself I hold this campaign close to my heart. I went on to Film for Ford and Santander in adverts to raise awareness for Autism, I was the Main Character for those adverts.

I am best known for Acting Roles on BBC Holby City, BBC Doctors and The National Autistic Society Campaign - Could You Stand the Rejection, which trended all across the world and has been viewed by over 10 million people.

I'm a very versatile Actor and can not only play parts that relate to his condition but can play many other parts as well.

My Producing career started in 2019 when I produced my first film called Crippled Karma with Paul Mckenzie.

My YouTube career started in 2009, with different content and different channels. In 2019 I launched My current YouTube channel called MaxiAspie, I was inspired to do this to raise more awareness to Autism while making videos and putting smiles on peoples faces. I currently make videos to try and make peoples lives better and make people smile.

My IT career started in 2013 when I got an Apprenticeship in IT, I went onto win Apprentice of the Year in 2016 and I currently work as an IT Senior Administrator.

My Ambassador Roles started when I became an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society and started to do public speaking across the world independently and working with other companies.

I then became an Ambassador for Wrestling Travel in 2019, after going to WrestleMania 35 with the company and managing to get interviews with WWE wrestlers and getting the Wrestling Travel T-Shirt on TV which gained world-wide coverage.

After Winning an Award from Dimensions UK as Autism and Coronavirus Leader of the Year in 2020 I became an Expert Panellist Member for them and I then won The Diana Award in 2021 and became an ambassador for them as well.

My Public Speaking Started in 2016 I have spoken at Autism Events, Festivals, Schools and Houses of Parliament raising awareness for Autism, OCD, ADHD, Epilepsy and SEN as I have all these conditions myself.

My Charity Fundraising started in 2014 and I continue to do a charity event every year, I have currently raised Over £4000.

I thank you all for your support it means the world to me, it's all of you that make this so special.

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